Avoiding or Adapting?

I spend a lot of time reading about what’s going on in the world of health. Something I’ve noticed lately, is that there’s a lot of “Don’t” advice. “Don’t eat gluten or high... READ MORE

To Believe or Not to Believe

Note: Today’s post is a little rant. Sorry about sounding naggy or complain-y (that’s not a word…I know…) When you’re going through chiropractic college, you are living in a sort of alter-universe. You... READ MORE

Our BWCA Experience

When you grow up in Northern Minnesota, your childhood is essentially spent either on the lake or in the woods. I think that’s why my husband and I love camping so much. Don’t... READ MORE

Chiropractic for Kids

Most people know that chiropractic care is great for back and neck pain. Typical chiropractic patients call when they “threw their low back out” or feel tightness between their shoulders. If you’ve read... READ MORE